images from recent projects for stijlinstituut amsterdam and no tomatoes


Fashion-up! is founded by Gea Eleveld. Since the successful completion of her studies at the college for textile management de Maere in Enschede and a Master of Business Administration at the University of Hasselt (B) she has been active within the fashion and interior design industry for many years, amongst others as a product and marketing manager for Ten Cate Houstex, Royal-Nijverdal Ten Cate, Blijdenstein-Willink, and L. Ten Cate b.v.

For the past seven years she worked at the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam (f.k.a. studiocommandeur) as a project and account manager, presiding over a portfolio of Dutch and international clients, such as Ten Cate, Modefabriek, Invista, Intres, ITKIB, Kleine Fabriek, SIL , Premiére Vision, CBK Apeldoorn. This is where she earned her stripes in the development and management of new concepts for the fashion and interior design industry, initiating and coaching projects within the same field and the organisation of events and presentations at renowned international fashion and interior design exhibitions.


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