images from recent projects for stijlinstituut amsterdam and no tomatoes

the way i work

My scope and perspective are as local as they are global. My clients are, on one hand, renowned international companies who applaud and celebrate creative design and innovation. Companies that are willing to develop a long term strategy and have a clear focus on where they wish to go. Fashion-up! offers direction and structure to ensure that the strategy remains dynamic and the focus stays sharp. So ideas are turned into commercial concepts, without losing passion for design. On the other hand I embrace starting entrepreneurs by offering advice and support in the production and marketing of new products, concepts and/or collections.

A flexible and versatile quality network of external professionals can be employed according to the nature of the project, in the shape of a personal and tailor made project team. However, your own internal and experienced team too can benefit from direction and management.

Direction, reflection and relation are central to the process. Fashion-up! directs and manages the project team in formulating clear concepts and becomes part of the team in achieving joint results. Independent, but committed Fashion-up! maintains the overview of all phases and facets of the project and encourages team members in the self propelling execution and experience of their work.


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